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come to L.A they said… it will be fun they said…

taejinseok in charge of cleaning a boat

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31 Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse from the Last 600 Years

"Horizontal refreshment"

"Have one’s corn ground"

"Play at couch quail"


youngjae’s commentary on his jongup fantakens

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"Tom’s face while Nicole was describing the movie ‘Mama’ was along the lines of, ‘the fuck type of movies do you watch, woman!’ followed up by ‘you’re strange but I like it.’ eyebrow lift."  [x]

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Dun dun duuuuun! I’ve picked a winner for my giveaway, and they have 24 hours to respond (to until 8am PST tomorrow) or I will pick someone else :D

Thank you to everyone who entered!


Such a giant picture :O

This was me yesterday /after/ I returned from 7-ish hours at the convention.

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....he's beautiful <3

I call him a hamster because he’s so adorable and bubbly :3